We can assist our clients with determining their best choices when it comes to Long Term Care (LTC) plans. We have access  to LTC products with financially stable insurance companies that will be there to help provide the necessary resources if needed.

Long Term Care Plans


Many Americans over the age of 60 experience a long term care incident. Nursing homes are expensive and staying in such a facility for an extended period of time can be financially challenging. Assisted living and home health care can be a good alternative for a time, but these options are also expensive.


Our agents can provide education and help clients make informed decisions on whether Long Term Care (LTC) insurance is right for them. We can provide a number of different options in the area of monthly benefit amounts and time of coverage. Having LTC insurance provides more choices in the area of location and the quality of facilities compared to dependence on public / state funding.


Financial Protections

Long Term Care provides monthly benefits to cover care costs. This type of coverage generally protects accumulated assets and estates. Our agents can also provide policy options that will provide a return of premium if there is never a claim.


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