The costs associated with health care expenses continue to rise. Proper planning can help provide a tax efficient way to cover some of these expenses.

Critical Advantage



A major health incident, injury or sickness can be financially devastating. Having a policy that can provide a tax free lump sum to cover expenses provides great protection.



We start with understanding what’s important to our clients and getting an idea of what potential health risks need to be covered. Once we have solid grasp on our client’s needs, we can recommend the appropriate coverage.



A common policy used by our agents to protect our clients is Critical Advantage. This is very effective way to provide tax advantaged funds for health incidents. Conditions such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer can be covered. Accident expenses can also be covered.



Consistent service with regular reviews of your health plan are critical to keeping you on track. Our agents are happy to meet with our clients on a bi-annual basis and more if necessary to provide proper service.

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