Our primary focus is the proper financial protection of our clients. This can be accomplished through a wide array of insurance products.

Insurance Products and Services

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a fundamental part of a well-rounded financial plan. Life insurance can help protect families and their standard of living in the case of an unexpected loss. There are also a number of living benefits that can be provided through life insurance.


One of our most valuable assets is current income. If an illness or injury prevented regular income, there would be serious financial repercussions. Disability insurance is a way to protect a level of your income.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care insurance provides monthly benefits to cover specialized care costs. This coverage can protect accumulated assets and estates. Our agents can also provide a policy option that will provide a return of premium if there is never a claim.

Medicare Supplement

SFS can assist our clients with determining the best choice when considering the many different options for Medicare plans. We can provide education and guidance with the numerous Medicare Supplement Insurance plans and Medicare Advantage plans. We can also help with Part D (Prescription Drug Plans).

Critical Advantage

Critical Advantage insurance can provide a lump sum tax free benefit in the case of a heart attack, stroke or cancer. This lump sum can help cover medical and ancillary expenses in the case of a serious illness.

Dental and Vision Insurance

SFS can provide Dental and Vision insurance with a wide network of providers and flexible levels of coverage.

Home and Auto

The costs associated with a home and auto insurance continue to rise. Proper planning and shopping can help provide a proper protection at the most efficient cost.

Business Liability

The costs associated with a business liability protection continues to rise. Commercial general liability insurance coverage protects you, your business and your employees from claims involving bodily injury or property damage, up to the limits of your policy.

Insurance products and services are offered by various underwriting companies. Underwriting company is dependent upon insurance product sold.

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