We offer a product (GeoBlue) that can provide access to a vetted network of premier healthcare providers, no matter how remote your location. International emergency evacuations can be extremely expensive. GeoBlue will not only arrange for the evacuation to a premier healthcare provider but will also cover the cost.

International Health



Many remote or underdeveloped areas are just not medically adequate for treating certain life or limb-threatening conditions or injuries. Suppose you need an evacuation to a higher standard of care? Most primary domestic insurances will not take on these costs or even assist with the arrangements. This is a big gap you most likely have in your primary policy and one that shouldn’t be left to chance.



GeoBlue travel medical insurance will include coverage for big-ticket items such as: hospitalizations, surgeries and medically necessary evacuations, as well as more basic services like physician office visits, ambulance services, prescription medication and more. The premier plans will also include benefits for injury or sickness due to terrorist events and treatment related to preexisting conditions.



The seamless billing between the healthcare provider and insurer that these policies offer affords incredible peace of mind to travelers who have historically had to absorb high medical costs and then claim the expenses for reimbursement. Those planning on using credit cards in case of an emergency should be aware that some providers overseas won’t be able to accept your card.


Global Network

What good is insurance if you can’t find a doctor you can trust? The best plans give you access and direct pay to the best providers and are rich with primary and specialist resources, regardless of how remote your location may be. In addition, providers are selected based on their medical credentials, language proficiency and more.

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