We offer an affordable, biblical heath care sharing program. We provide the information necessary for our clients to choose the proper level of coverage at an affordable cost.

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Health Care Sharing Programs



Health Insurance premiums have continued to increase over the past several years. Deductibles and out of pocket expenses have also increased. When we add premiums, deductibles and total out of pocket expenses, some are paying an exorbitant percentage of their income. Health care networks have shrunk and decreased the numbers of provider choices. In many cases, traditional health insurance premiums cover the expenses of abortions and other objectional procedures.



Our agents can guide you to health care sharing programs that resolves the risks and objections of traditional health insurance.



The health care sharing programs we offer use faith-based organizations that can potentially save money compared to traditional health insurance.


Large national network

Most traditional health insurance uses restrictive HMO networks. Our programs use a more open PPO network that is widely recognized and respected by medical providers.


No Limits

Compared to traditional health insurance and other sharing programs, Medi-share has no cap on medical expenses.



Financially strong

Medi-share has shared over $2.6 Billion in medical expenses. All legitimate claims have been paid since 1993.



Strong membership

Medi-share membership is growing and currently over 400,000 members.


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