There are many options in the area of individual health insurance. We understand the confusion the changing laws on health insurance causes our clients. We offer consultation and a selection of health insurance solutions.

Individual Health Insurance



Not having proper health insurance is very risky. Debt from medical expenses is one of the major causes of bankruptcy. Not having proper coverage to meet health care cost in the event of an injury or serious illness can result in massive cost and debt.



We can offer guidance and options for traditional individual health insurance. We can provide solutions that are direct to the insurance carrier or we can go through the state exchange, which may provide tax credits and cost sharing through the Affordable Care Act system. We can adjust the premium to determine the level of deductibles and total out of pocket expenses. Having the proper type of coverage can provide against the ever-increasing cost of medical care.



Consistent service with regular reviews of your selected health insurance is critical to keeping you on track to provide proper protection. Our agents are happy to meet with our clients prior to open enrollment periods to consider any new plans, to review changing laws and to ensure our clients pick the best plan for the coming year.

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