We understand the confusion all the health care options and changing health insurance laws causes our clients. We offer a large selection of health care solutions to include individual and group plans.

Health Care Plans

Individual Health Insurance

There are many options in the area of individual health insurance. We understand the confusion the changing laws on health insurance causes our clients. We offer consultation and a selection of health insurance solutions.

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Group Health Insurance

We can assess group health requirement for businesses and provide an appropriate solution in the area of coverage for employees and helping to reduce the expenses by the company.

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Health Care Sharing Programs

We can provide alternatives to traditional health insurance through cost sharing programs. These programs can provide a wider provider network and potentially save our clients’ money.

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International Health

We offer a product that can provide access to a vetted network of premier international healthcare providers while traveling or living abroad.

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Dental and Vision Insurance

We can provide Dental and Vision insurance with a wide network of providers and flexible levels of coverage.

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Insurance products and services are offered by various underwriting companies. Underwriting company is dependent upon insurance product sold.

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