We offer many different investment options. Values and Faith Based Investment Options provide a means for our clients to invest in a way that aligns with their beliefs. These investment options can be achieved through mutual funds and managed accounts.

Values and Faith Based
Investment Options



Most investors do not know or understand the underlying securities in their funds. Some of those securities may profit from industries that may cause a moral objection for our clients. In response, we offer funds that screen and do not invest in companies that profit from areas that can include abortion, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, pornography, environmental irresponsibility, and others. A custom screen of what’s important to each investor can be applied.



Values and Faith based funds give our clients choices. It allows our clients to exclude investing in sectors of business they do not agree with from a moral of values standpoint.



Values and Faith based investments also allows clients to support, by means of their long-term investments, companies that promote values they would want to support.



Consistent service with regular reviews of your investments are critical to keeping you on track to meet your financial goals. The area of values and faith-based investments is an exciting and relatively new option. We stay current on changes in this investment option. We are happy to meet with our clients on a bi-annual basis and more often if necessary.

All investing involves risk including possible loss of principal and there is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.

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