We offer many different investment options. Mutual funds allow flexibility in the areas of diversification, allocation, and options for beginning investors. Different allocations can be implemented to include domestic or international investments, levels of capitalization (small, medium or large), tax efficiency and conservative, moderate and growth and aggressive growth models, just to name a few.

Mutual Funds



Many people invest in equity markets for the purpose of achieving higher returns compared to savings or CDs. Higher returns are possible, but losses are also possible. Worst case scenarios include an investor losing all assets if an at-risk security is chosen. Putting a large percentage of one’s assets in a single or small number of securities increases the risks of loss due to poor performance and other risks.



Mutual Funds are managed full time by licensed financial professionals. Mutual funds allow clients to participate in a broad segment of different markets with limited assets. A mutual fund pools the assets of its combined investors and allocates those funds by buying numerous individual securities. The benefits of this type of fund is diversification and the mitigation of the risk of having too much invested in a limited number of securities.



As clients accumulate assets, they continue to have the benefits of diversification and also a reduction in the cost of management. Pooled assets of many investors allow each to enjoy the reduced cost of service fees and buying securities in volume as a group.



Consistent service with regular reviews of your investments are critical to keeping you on track to meet your financial goals. We are happy to meet with our clients on a bi-annual basis and more often if necessary.

All investing involves risk including possible loss of principal and there is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.

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