We can assist in the area of estate planning by working with our clients’ attorneys help ensure financial plans support the directives of estate plans.

Estate Financial Planning



If funds are not designated with the proper beneficiaries, there can be issues for the executor of an estate fulfilling the directives of an estate plan. The legal expenses of settling an estate can be costly if there is not good coordination between the estate attorney and the financial professionals.



We start with understanding what’s important to our clients. Once we have a solid grasp on our client’s values, goals, beneficiary designations and legacy plans, we can ensure funds are properly allocated to achieve those goals and support an estate plan.



Our financial professionals develop a plan to support the directives of an estate plan. This includes protecting the principal assets of an estate and maximize the use of current assets and any income to achieve future goals of an estate.



Consistent service with regular reviews of your financial plan and estate plan are critical to keeping you on track. We are happy to meet with our clients and beneficiaries on a bi-annual basis and more if necessary to provide proper service.

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