We have a wide selection of financial planning services and accompanying products. We strive to understand our clients’ values, goals, investment risk preferences and timelines before making any recommendations. We will always put our clients’ needs first.

Financial Services

Financial Planning

As licensed registered representatives, we have a detailed and effective planning process. Our focus is on developing a plan based on what is in our clients’ best interest. With thorough analysis, we make recommendations to our clients and what we believe will maximize the probability of achieving their goals.

Fixed/Fixed Indexed Annuities

We offer investment options that can provide more stability and guaranteed* income. This can be achieved through annuities (fixed and fixed indexed). Recently, many new options have been added to annuities that provide flexibility in the areas of income and withdrawals without penalties.

*All guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the insurance company

Planning software

We offer industry leading financial apps and programs to facilitate efficient planning. These programs help with assimilating the necessary fact-finding information and testing our recommendations to provide a calculated probability of success.

Retirement Plans

Our primary focus is comprehensive financial planning with a strong emphasis on assisting our clients to pursue their retirement goals. Many do not think about their goals for retirement. That season of life seems too far in the distance. Sadly, retirement sneaks up on many people and they have not adequately prepared. Some use a 401(k) thinking that will provide for their future needs, but find out they have not saved enough to maintain an acceptable standard of living. We can provide a comprehensive process to consider many different options to help pursue retirement goals.

Managed Accounts

As clients accumulate assets, sometimes they stick with the same strategy and allocation with which they started. As time passes and assets grow, investment strategies need to be refined and diversified. This can be a challenge with using just mutual funds or brokerage accounts. Shifting assets to managed accounts may provide more options for better allocation of funds. Fees can also be adjusted to account for higher levels of accumulated assets.

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